Penn Medicine

April 04, 2022



Pavilion, Hospital of the University Of Pennsylvania

1 Convention Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Fri March 25 + Mon March 28 - Fri April 8, 2022 (Week Days Only)

Duration: 15 mins

Ticket Info

Due to the limited number of audience, registration is necessary for this module. Please only register if you are able to attend. Admission is free.

Penn Medicine

Born in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this module explores isolation and the idea that, through technology, each one of us shared a glimpse into what would otherwise have been a private space. Penn Medicine is one of the world’s leading academic medical centers, and is home to the nation’s first hospital—founded in 1751—and first medical school (established in 1765). Rehearsing Philadelphia makes this location of power accessible through a solo performance by Dr. Andrea Apter, created by Germaine Ingram. Entrance is at the copper-colored Pavilion, on the north side of Convention Avenue between Health Science Drive and Civic Center Blvd. (33rd/34th Street). Look for the Pavilion at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - 1 Convention Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Art of Repair

A Solo by Germaine Ingram with Dr. Andrea Apter

“It is everyone’s job to author conditions where repair is possible.”*  What does this mean for a large, powerful healthcare system?  How does such a system repair past wrongs?  How does it adopt and nurture aptitudes, attitudes and competencies that disrupt socializations that perpetuate domination and ethical deafness and numbness?  Where, and with whom, does creating and sustaining conditions for repair begin?

*Stauffer, Jill. Ethical Loneliness: the injustice of not being heard. New York: Columbia University Press, 2015

Special Thanks to:  Horace Delisser, David Cribb, Kathleen Margay, Andalyn Young


This module, SOLO, has previously been realized by Ari Benjamin Meyers in Hong Kong and Moscow. The Philadelphia version, created in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic explores the individual's sense of isolation and powerlessness in the face of various underlying power structures in our society that visibly or invisibly determine our daily lives. Five locations in Philadelphia were selected, each representing a place of decision making, for which five international artists were asked to create a solo work to be performed by one of the location’s employees, responding to urgent questions of accessibility to knowledge, health, security, justice and power. The solos are performed by the employee during their regular working hours on site., The  work is conceived as an intimate experience; only a small number of audience members at a time can get a glimpse of these otherwise unseen areas.

With Solo Performances by:

Ei Arakawa with Officer Stephanie Velazquez at Philadelphia Police Department Headquarters

Fred Schmidt-Arenales with Frank Machos at School District of Philadelphia

Germaine Ingram with Dr. Andrea Apter at Penn Medicine

CA Conrad with Jonathan Stein at Community Legal Services

Yolanda Wisher with Reverend Naomi Washington-Leapheart at City Hall

Zoë Keating w/ Ensemble