Independence National Historic Park

April 02, 2022

11am - 2pm


Sat March 26, 2022: 11am-2pm: Clark Park (between 40th and 48th)

Sat April 2, 2022: 11am-2pm: Independence National Historic Park (around Independence National Historic Park )

Sat April 9, 2022, 11am-2pm: Love Park (City Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Ticket Info

This is an outdoor performance in public space, viewable anytime in the window. Admission is free. RSVP for updates and rain information.

About DUET:

The smallest unit of social engagement is a duet. DUET is a work by Ari Benjamin Meyers from 2014, which he has especially adapted for Rehearsing Philadelphia to present the first citywide version in the public sphere. Singers are positioned in locations throughout the city and address passersby with the simple question: ‘Would you like to sing with me?’ If the answer is yes, a short public rehearsal and performance ensues; if no, the passerby moves on. The composition is a two-part acappella vocal work without text by the artist for two strangers that encounter each other for the first time. The locations of the three Saturday afternoon public presentations of DUET are each related in their own specific way to the idea of memories and monuments, as we explore a return to social engagement and the possibility of inscribing personal experience into the narration of history and the cityscape. DUET will grow over the course of Rehearsing Philadelphia from 15 locations along Baltimore Avenue referencing personal monuments, to 30 locations in Old City referencing hidden monuments, and finally to 50 locations along the Ben Franklin Parkway referencing public monuments during the closing weekend. Find descriptions of the monuments on the map on this website.

Participating Choirs/Singers:

The Chorale

Director: Donald Dumpson

Singing City

Director: Jeffrey Brillhart

Curtis Institute of Music/ Department Vocal Studies and Curtis Opera Theatre

Senior Director of Administration and Operations: Dorothy Shrader

About Rehearsing Philadelphia:

This is a city-wide project exploring the question “How can we be together?” with music as the medium for exploration. It is titled “Rehearsing Philadelphia” to emphasize the nature of modern life—in a constant state of practice and rehearsal. The idea of rehearsing until perfection and then performing does not reflect how most of us live. We embrace the rehearsal process as the way in which people learn to come together, sometimes in tension and conflict and sometimes with the intention of finding commonalities and ways to live and make music side by side.

Zoë Keating w/ Ensemble