March 26, 2022: 11 am - 2 pm: Baltimore Avenue Personal Memories (Meet at Clark Park)

April 2, 2022: 11 am - 2 pm: Old City Hidden Monuments (Meet at Independence National Historic Park )

April 9, 2022, 11 am - 2pm: Benjamin Franklin Parkway Public Monuments (Meet at Love Park)

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This is an outdoor performance in public space, viewable anytime in the window. Admission is free. RSVP for updates and rain information.

Facilitated by the Philadelphia Heritage Chorale, Singing City, and the Curtis Opera Theatre, singers will be stationed at monuments and locations of collective memory throughout Philadelphia: In Clark Park for the Baltimore Avenue Corridor, in Independence Historical Park for the Old City Corridor and Love Park for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Corridor.


The smallest unit of social engagement is a duet. DUET is a work by Ari Benjamin Meyers from 2014, which he has especially adapted for Rehearsing Philadelphia to present the first citywide version in the public sphere. Singers are positioned in locations throughout the city and address passersby with the simple question: ‘Would you like to sing with me?’ If the answer is yes, a short public rehearsal and performance ensues; if no, the passerby moves on. The composition is a two-part acappella vocal work without text by the artist for two strangers that encounter each other for the first time. The locations of the three Saturday afternoon public presentations of DUET are each related in their own specific way to the idea of memories and monuments, as we explore a return to social engagement and the possibility of inscribing personal experience into the narration of history and the cityscape.

DUET singers will be stationed in three different areas of Philadelphia, each a location of collective memory. Live performances at Baltimore Avenue, a site for personal monuments, Old City, a site for hidden monuments and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a site for public monuments. Click on the map points on this website for an enhanced digital experience with the monuments along these routes. Find descriptions of the monuments on the map (link) on this website.

Special thanks to Eric Owens, National Park Service, Andrew McDougal, Brian Keech, Amanda Sroka, Nicole Allen White, Parkway Council, Andrew Emma, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Dilworth Park, Center City District, Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Nathan Wessner, Curtis Orchestra Crew, Grace Takeda, Justin Goldsmith, Ying Li, Old City District and Brett Mapp, School District of Philadelphia, Councilperson Gilmore Richardson, Taylor Daukus, Teddy Ponenman, Tu Huynh, Kelly Lee, Permission Officials at CCD, NPS, CITY Hall, Nick Anderson, Parkway Council

Zoë Keating w/ Ensemble